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Chain Linetypes
Tip# 1924 By Steve Corder On 01-Feb-2004
Rated By 2 users Downloaded : 2106
Categories : Display Properties
Software type : AutoCAD
Rename File To : Tip1924: CHAINS.ZIP
Chains.zip contains a linetype with associated shape files for drawing chains.

The tip package is wrapped in a chain of some sort, but fortunately, it's just the result of a linetype with an associated shape file for drawing chains. The file, CHAINS.ZIP (Tip #1924, by Steve Corder), contains three files that you should decompress and place in AutoCAD's search path. Use the Linetype command and select the Load button to bring in the custom chain linetypes.



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Comment by Nawrot,Stephan
Posted on 2015-10-15 11:20:01
Very cool, thank you.