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Change View Orientation in a Drawing
Tip# 4376 By David Gaskill On 06-Oct-2014
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Categories : View, Display Control
Software type : Inventor
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This Inventor tip shows how to change your model view using the Place View command.

Have you ever created a view on a drawing, only to want to change the orientation of the model before — or after — placing the view? Here is a tip that shows how to change your model view using the Place View command.

Select Place View, then Base View on the ribbon.

Pick an orientation; I chose Current. Any orientation can be used.

Then if you don’t like the current rotation of your view, there is no need to cancel out of the command. Select Change view orientation (below Orientation).

You will be taken to a custom view session. There you can rotate your view as desired using Free Orbit or any other rotation tools. Hint: This is when you can change to a perspective view using the Context menu.

Select Finish Custom View.

Place and scale your view. If you don’t like how it looks, right-click View. Notice you can select Change view orientation again.

Repeat steps to modify your view as desired.

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