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Turn Off a Dimension Value
Tip# 4512 By David Gaskill On 27-Jul-2015
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Categories : Dimension
Software type : Inventor
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This tip shows you an easy way to turn off dimensions and replace them with text in Autodesk Inventor.

Have you ever added a dimension and wanted to override the dimension and add text in Autodesk Inventor? This tip shows you an easy way to turn off dimensions and replace it with text.

  • First add a dimension to a drawing.

  • Pick the dimension, right-click and select Edit.

  • Check Hide Dimension Value.

  • Type in the desired text to replace the dimension.

  • If you want the dimension back, just click Edit, uncheck Hide Dimension Value, and remove the added text.


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Comment by Tulis,Ralph
Posted on 2015-07-27 15:43:36
I do not know about Inventor as I use AutoCAD 2015. This same thing can be done in 2 ways in AutoCAD: 1) click on the dimension, then right-click and select Quick Properties - the last option permits typing a Text Override which will replace the dimension. No need to hide the dimension. Deleting the Text Override reinstates the dimension text. 2) Double click the dimension which will open the TEXTEDIT window. You can select the dimension text and type in your desired text. To reestablish the actual dimension. select the text and type "<>". As an added bonus, one can type "X" after the dimension to add text below the dimension value. Either method works and both are relative quick.