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Section Line
Tip# 2096 By William Townsend On 01-Mar-2006
Rated By 2 users Downloaded : 2203
Categories : Dimension, Linear Objects, Sections
Software type : AutoCAD
Rename File To : Tip2096: sectionline.lsp
Draws section lines in a drawing three different ways.

Section Lines (Tip #2096) from Bill Townsend draws section lines in a drawing three different ways. Load the LISP code into AutoCAD to make the new commands available. SE1 draws a section line consisting of three segments. SE2 draws a simple two point section line. SE3 allows you to draw a multiple-point polyline as the section cut definition. The program places section lines on layer SectionLine in red and annotates the section line with input provided by you. This utility set is nicely built and quite useful if you need section lines.

This month's top tip is Section Lines (#2096) from Bill Townsend. Nice programming and very useful as well as the fact that this simple set of functions is a classic example that all skill levels of users can use and learn from. Even if you have no need for section lines in your drawing work, the code supplied is worth a read for ideas and approaches. Thanks and a tip of the fedora to Bill from Harry!



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