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Fix Dimension Text Rotation
Tip# 4490 By James Olszewski On 22-Jun-2015
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Categories : Dimension
Software type : AutoCAD 2016
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One simple AutoCAD setting fixes an issue with dimension text when it is automatically placed upside down.

Like a stone in my shoe, I've had a frequent problem in AutoCAD where I place a dimension inside an xref window and the text is upside down. Like most, I would try going to Properties and change the text rotation to 180 degrees, thinking that logically that should fix it. As many will know — it doesn’t, and trying 90 degrees, etc., doesn’t work either.

I tried everything. What actually solved it was something under the Properties menu that I had never actually noticed. Under the Text category of the dimension properties, there is a category called Text View Direction. Mine was set at Left to Right, which makes sense.

All I had to do to fix my problem was change that setting to Right to Left, and my dimension text is now not upside down.

Hallelujah, that pain has finally left my posterior, and I offer this tip to relieve it for others.

Notes from Cadalyst tip reviewer R.K. McSwain: Note that this is a good fix in a pinch, but keep what you did in mind if you ever copy this dimension, since the Right to Left text setting is pretty obscure and could have you guessing at some point in the future as to what happened.


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User comments
Comment by Lowrey,Carl
Posted on 2015-06-22 19:35:55
Another solution I have found that often works in similar situations is to set the text to 359.99° rather than 0
Comment by Wenzel,Volker
Posted on 2015-06-23 15:47:50
hei Carl, that's what I sometimes also do . Another possibility is, to turn around your viewpoint over z-Ax for f.e. 90 degrees and recreate the dimension. This will often helps too.
Comment by Rydman,Doug
Posted on 2015-12-03 16:11:43
I'm glad I found this tip. We use drawing formats at different rotations, and sometime I need the text to read the other way. I'm guessing from the Cadalyst tip reviewer this is a system setting, which means that once I'm finished with a particular drawing where I used this feature, I'll need to change it back to left-to-right for subsequent drawings. Thanks for sharing.