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Tip# BUGWATCH0807 By Steven Johnson On 01-Aug-2007
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Categories : Hatch Data, Styles, Dimension
Software type : AutoCAD
Rename File To : Tip BUGWATCH0807 DimJogLineFix.lsp
Workaround for AutoCAD 2008 bug that crashes AutoCAD.

Jogging Can be Bad for You (2008)
Do you need to use object snap on hatch objects? Some people do, but AutoCAD 2008 defaults to ignoring hatches. That isn't a bug -- it's a feature! You can change AutoCAD's behavior by using the Options command. Turn off the Ignore Hatch Objects toggle in the Drafting tab, under Object Snap Options. This change affects the OSOPTIONS system variable, setting it to either 0 or 2.

Happy now? You will be, but only until you attempt to create a jogged linear dimension. Draw a linear dimension and make sure you have running object snaps turned on. Next, invoke the Dimjogline command (Dimension, Jogged linear) and pick your dimension. Boom! AutoCAD will crash with the message INTERNAL ERROR: !scandr.cpp@815: eWasOpenForWrite. At least it's a relatively well-behaved crash. AutoCAD should allow you to save your work and generate a Customer Error Report informing Autodesk of the problem.

Workaround: Before using the Dimjogline command, you can either turn off your running object snaps or temporarily tell AutoCAD to ignore hatches. As this can be a bit tedious, I've written a simple LISP routine to do it for you. Download the DIMJOGLINEFIX.LSP file from Cadalyst's Get the Code! page. The file defines a Dimjoglinefix command and a DJ short-form version of the same thing. Upload this file using the usual methods (for example, add it to the Appload command's Startup Suite), and you can use my safer version of the command instead of Dimjogline.

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