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Dimension Layer Macros
Tip# 1997 By Jack Foster On 01-Dec-2004
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Categories : Dimension, Layer Tools
Software type : AutoCAD
Rename File To : Tip1997: DimAutoLayer.LSP
DimAutoLayer.LSP contains routines that combine AutoCAD commands into a single stream to control layering.

Layer Mania
Inspired by a recent thread in the Cadalyst Newsline e-mail newsletter on making sure dimensions end up on the right layer, Jack Foster submitted a series of AutoLISP routines, Dimension Layer Macros (Tip #1997). These simple routines combine AutoCAD commands into a single stream to control layering. All the functions are contained in dimautolayer.lsp. Once you load this file, you have new commands available to switch the active layer to DIMS and then perform your dimensioning command of choice?DL for Dim Linear, DR for Dim Radius, DA for Dim Aligned, and DD for Dim Diameter. After the dimension command is complete, the active layer returns to the previous setting. One thing I liked about this set is that it's a simple example of how to use the CMDACTIVE system variable.



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