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Create Dimensions Quickly with Osnaps
Tip# 3890 By David Couch On 17-May-2012
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Categories : Dimension
Software type : AutoCAD 2013
Rename File To : DimSite.lsp,__MACOSX/,__MACOSX/._DimSite.lsp
Dimension residential and commercial site plans, and more.

This LISP file contains three separate functions that the tip author, Dave Couch, uses for dimensioning residential and commercial site plans in AutoCAD — although the uses for these routines do not stop there. Start by loading the LISP routine; the three functions are DimNearToPerp, DimEndToPerp, and DimEndToEnd. The first will create a dimension from a picked (near) point to a perpendicular picked point. The second one creates a dimension from an endpoint to a perpendicular picked point, and the last one creates a dimension between two endpoints. In each case the correct object snap settings are set for you by the routine, without disturbing your current running object snap settings.


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