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Change a Dimension Style Once a Dimension Is Placed on a Drawing
Tip# 4342 By David Gaskill On 28-Jul-2014
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Categories : Dimension
Software type : Inventor
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If you need to mix various dimension styles, this technique can help.

This tip from David Gaskill will show you how to change a dimension style once a dimension is placed on a drawing. This is useful when you need to mix and match dimension styles on a drawing.

Create a 2D view and dimension the drawing.

Pick the dimension you want to change the style on. Use the annotate ribbon, and Style tool.

Pick the desired style from an existing style. Notice how the dimension callout changes to the selected style.

If there are multiple dimensions you want to change the style on, select the dimension and choose Copy Properties. Next, select the other dimensions you want on this style dimension; they will be updated to this style.

Notice how the dimension style is copied to the selected dimension.

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