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Explore the Little-Known Blend and Join Commands
Tip# 4264 By Levi Connolly On 03-Mar-2014
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Categories : Linear Objects, Curved Objects
Software type : AutoCAD 2014
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The Blend and Join commands are excellent time savers.

Levi Connolly sent us two AutoCAD tips in one. Use them together, as Levi does, or separately as needed.

The first is the Blend command. Blend creates a spline that smoothly connects the ends of two lines, arcs, polylines, or splines. It works great when you need a smooth path between two oddly angled lines. The Blend tool can be found in the fillet drop-down on the Home tab.

To add to this, I then use the Join command to combine the objects into one entity. The old way of joining polylines is out. The Join command will join multiple types of objects at once, whether it’s an arc, line segment, polyline, or even a spline. The end result is a continuous polyline — unless there is a spline in the group, which will cause the end result to be a spline.

Notes from Cadalyst tip reviewer R.K. McSwain: These really are a couple of commands that are not well known, especially among long-time AutoCAD users. They are both excellent time savers and should be explored if you are not familiar with them.    


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User comments
Comment by Price,Robert
Posted on 2014-03-03 14:25:35
SUPERCALIFRAGILISTIC - that is a real time saver. Thanks a great big bunch. Bob Price A*G*M
Comment by Wilson,Robert
Posted on 2014-03-03 14:33:53
I know and use Join, but Blend I did not know about. Bob
Comment by Hill,Clinton
Posted on 2014-03-19 08:48:21
Teaching the old dogs among us some new and slick tricks without the need for programming - and I really like learning LISP programming!