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Make a Custom Button to Zoom Extents, Save, and Close
Tip# 3656 By Jason Dorshorst On 05-Jun-2011
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Categories : CUI (Customize User Interface)
Software type : AutoCAD 2012
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Replace the F5 button with a custom command.

Drafter Jason Dorshorst sends an AutoCAD customization tip that he uses to save files in a neat and tidy manner.

"When I am done with a drawing, I almost always like to zoom extents, save, and close it. I made a custom button for these tasks and linked my F5 key to it as well (done through the Keyboard Shortcuts > Shortcut Keys menu).
^C^C_zoom e qsave qsave close

"This is the command I use. This is all done through the CUI (command user interface) command. This is helpful for many reasons, including:

  • The thumbnails show correctly when looking at the files in Windows Explorer.
  • The .BAK file is updated.
  • I can use one button every time I want to save a drawing when I'm finished with it."

Notes from Cadalyst Tip Patrol: AutoCAD is all about customization — well, if you are willing, that is. Many times it's the small changes that can help a user out the most.

File management doesn't end when the file is closed. In fact, closing a file properly can help you and your coworkers in many ways. When an AutoCAD file is saved, it creates a thumbnail view of what is shown on the screen when it is saved. This thumbnail view is used as a preview when the user is opening files or using other AutoCAD tools.

A preview that best demonstrates the contents of a file is preferred, and this tip can facilitate the creation of such a preview. This tip replaces the F5 button with the custom command. AutoCAD uses the F5 button to toggle through isometric planes when using the Snap function. If you don't ever create isometric drawings, you won't miss this function at all.


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User comments
Comment by White,David
Posted on 2011-06-06 14:13:22
First, thank you. Second, very useful tip. That's one attaboy, Jason!!!!
Comment by White,David
Posted on 2011-06-06 14:59:31
That's odd, I have my ribbon on the left side of the screen. Your save command works, but when I reopen the file the view is "centered" in the whole screen without regard for the ribbon. So the left side of the view is clipped by the ribbon. Jason, could you write a reverse command for the quick toolbar for "Open" and have it zoom everything upon opening a file?
Comment by ,
Posted on 2011-06-07 03:06:06
Great tip, just what I wanted for my files! Thank you!!!
Comment by nemirovsky,len
Posted on 2011-06-07 09:09:02
To ZOOM EXTENT you can simply double click wheel button of yoyr mouse.
Comment by Sawyer,Michael
Posted on 2011-06-22 11:20:21
I also like to set the current layer to 0. You don't need two saves either. Macro should look like this: ^C^Cclayer;0;z;e;qsave;close;