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Finding Unknown AutoCAD Commands
Tip# 3268 By Roger Carter On 20-Sep-2009
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Categories : CUI (Customize User Interface)
Software type : AutoCAD 2010
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Customizing your toolbar is a great way to discover new commands.

Roger Carter sends us a tip for finding useful AutoCAD commands that you might not be aware of.

"While customizing toolbars, I have come across some really good commands. The latest one that I found under Customize User Interface>Command List>All Commands is called Paste as Block (Ctrl+Shift+V). In my mechanical drawings, I copy and paste items from one drawing to another, and it helps to have each item as a block. With Paste as Block, I don't have to go the extra step to make my copied item into a block. This command is useful, but my point is to encourage you to explore and find other commands that you might want to use. I have found some very helpful buttons to place in my toolbars."

Notes from Cadalyst Tip Patrol: There are many ways to find what you need in AutoCAD, such as the Help file. Going to the heart of AutoCAD (the CUI) is also a productive method; every command in every toolbar, ribbon, and menu can be found there. You can also see how AutoCAD puts them together for your use as macros so that you can make your own in the future.


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Comment by Hirschklau,Mitchell
Posted on 2009-09-21 16:08:14
It's not a bad idea, whenever you upgrade to the next version of AutoCAD-Full or AutoCAD-LT, to take the time to go through the default Keyboard assignments. (AutoDesk's documentation can be, shall we say, incomplete in this regard - and even sometimes wrong.) Run through every ALT+, as well as the CTRL+ and SHIFT+ (and - don't forget - the CTRL+SHIFT+) iteration for everything on the Keyboard. You WILL find lots of default key combinations to call all sorts of AutoCAD commands. And, you WILL find lots of key combinations which DUPLICATE other key combination AutoCAD command calls too. This fact can come in handy if you would like to re-use some of these as custom Short-Cut keys - say, assign something to the F7 key since the Alt+F7 is still (default) set to call 'GRID .
Comment by McSwain,R.K.
Posted on 2009-09-21 16:20:55
Don't rely on *every* command being in the CUI. Not every command can be found in the menu system. The HELP file is a good place, and you can also type in the first few characters of a command at the command line, then press TAB to cycle through commands starting with that prefix....