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Customize Keyboard Shortcuts in Revit
Tip# 3469 By Steve Ragan On 09-Aug-2010
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Categories : CUI (Customize User Interface)
Software type : Revit MEP 2011, Revit Architecture 2011
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Use the Keyboard Shortcut Editor to add, remove, or change shortcuts.

Electrical Engineer Steve Ragan observes that Revit Architecture 2011 and Revit MEP 2011 provide a convenient way to customize keyboard shortcuts.

"With Revit open, just type KS and the Keyboard Shortcut Editor opens. Here you can easily add, remove, or change keyboard shortcuts for frequently used commands.

"But the Keyboard Shortcut Editor is also helpful for the commands you use less frequently — those commands that hide in your ribbon panels. Once the Keyboard Shortcut Editor pops up, start typing your command name in the Search box. When the command pops up on the left column of the box, the right hand column lists the ribbon menu where you will find that command's button. For example, typing KS followed by "area" shows that the area button is located in the Room and Area tab of the Architect ribbon panel.

"P.S. If you use AutoCAD often, you may find you automatically press the space bar after typing KS. In this case, Revit places the extra space in the search box. So you may have to press the Backspace button once before typing in your command's name."

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