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Use Fields for Repeated Text and Attributes
Tip# 3659 By Danny Korem On 12-Jun-2011
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Software type : AutoCAD 2012
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Use fields in text to minimize changes and save revision work.

Frequent tipster Danny Korem demonstrates how using fields in AutoCAD can save time and revision work.

"In many detailed drawings, text annotations are fully or partially repeated. In this tip, I will show how to use fields in text to minimize changes and to keep notes consistent. Type the text you are going to re-use once. In the next appearance of the annotation, use mtext again, but this time, right-click and opt for Insert Field, then select the previous (source) mtext, opting for the contents property of the selected object. The next regeneration will refresh dynamically, causing any changes in the source text to reflect on each and every appearance using the field."

Notes from Cadalyst Tip Patrol: Use fields as often as you can. They have many applications; the above tip is an excellent example. Fields are commonly used in drawing title blocks and with sheet sets — they were made for that application — but you should consider using fields for any text that may be repeated, altered, and altered again. The information can be stored in a block, sheet set custom property, table, etc. If the information is in Sheet Set Custom Properties, then any drawing in the set can access it. For example, an architect might create a custom sheet set property that indicates the finished floor elevation, or one for the area of the building. If any of these properties change in the sheet set, the text will automatically update. No need to hunt for the numbers on your drawings to make sure they are updated.


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Comment by McSwain,R.K.
Posted on 2011-06-13 13:38:29
Good tip. You can also make a block out of your text or mtext object and insert copies of the block.