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Stamp Your Drawings with Rtext
Tip# 3467 By Jerry Frey On 09-Aug-2010
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Categories : Create Text
Software type : AutoCAD 2011
Rename File To : s.dwg
Insert an Rtext object anywhere in your drawing.

"Insert this drawing 'stamp' at 0,0. It will display the current date, time, file name, etc. It can be exploded and edited to suit any user. This is a very useful stamp! We use it when issuing drawings so that we know if it is the most current drawing that is being used in the field, especially if the drawing hasn't been 'red-stamped' with type of issue and date."
Notes from Cadalyst Tip Patrol: This drawing is an Rtext object that can be inserted anywhere in your drawing. As is, it will display the current month, day, year, time, and file path of the drawing. The drawing is an Rtext object set to display this information of the current drawing. It would be a good idea to place this object in your title block file or template.

Rtext, often called Remote text, is a type of graphical object in AutoCAD that shows text either by referring to an external text file or by interpreting a diesel expression stored in the Rtext. You can reference files outside of AutoCAD, like notes, or you can use diesel expressions to display drawing information. Displaying file information is easy enough to do. You can use Rtext, as shown here, or you can use Fields. Rtext means you have to know how to write diesel expressions, Fields mean you simply pick from a list of possible choices. Both will get the job done.


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User comments
Comment by Graham,Charles
Posted on 2010-08-09 13:26:52
This is a good tip. However, I would not use it as an issuing tool. We always add to the revisions in the title block, and issue drawings through a transmittal process. For keeping up with pre-issue sheets it is a great tool.
Comment by Valimont,Randy
Posted on 2010-08-09 13:38:30
Sort of like plot stamp.
Comment by O'Flaherty,Mike
Posted on 2010-08-09 13:47:31
We tried using RTEXT for plot stamping but ran into problems; it wouldn't work for our LT users, guys would explode them and the same date would be there for revision after revision, or guys would fudge the date to try to make it look like they had released drawings by a deadline. We gave up on it and now just use the Plot Stamp to stamp the file name, drafter, and plotted date on the left border of all plots. No more worries about compatibility between AutoCAD versions. My $.02 Mike
Comment by Ashley,Paul
Posted on 2010-08-09 15:37:39
We use an old attribute block for this (placed in the binding area of a drawing) but I've wanted to replace this with rtext or a field for some time. The problem I've seen with using AutoCAD plot stamping is its having to be set for various plot scales and drawing sheet sizes. It would be much easier to have this lodged in sheet border templates.
Comment by Lohan,Ronald
Posted on 2010-08-09 18:27:31
It is nice to know that this has been "around the block" a few times. We did back when v.14 was introduced (still used today) and yet it is still unknow to a lot of users. This tell me a lot of AutoCAD users don't use F1 . . . . a lot of help information there!