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Label Square Acreage
Tip# 3048 By Howard Pennington On 01-Dec-2008
Rated By 1 users Downloaded : 1339
Categories : Create Dimension
Software type : AutoCAD 2008
Rename File To : SQACREver2.LSP
Here is a quick and easy tip for labeling the square acreage of areas.

This tip makes it quick and easy to label the square acreage of areas. Draw perimeters as polylines, then load the LISP code. Type SQA to activate the tool inside AutoCAD. The first request is to enter the text size for the labels. Next, select to either add a single label or multiple labels. Multiple labels are used for multiple areas. You then can select a polyline depicting an enclosed area. The AutoCAD Area Command is used to accept one entity. The next input request is for the location of the area label. You can repeat the process to label all the areas. When you select to stop the utility, you will be asked to locate a point where the table of areas is to be created. This productivity tool is very nice for annotating areas in a plot layout quickly and accurately.


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