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Dimension in Layout Tabs
Tip# 3981 By Perry Pattiz On 17-Sep-2012
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Categories : Create Dimension
Software type : AutoCAD 2013
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Adjust the DIMASSOC variable to dimension in paper space.

Mechanical engineer Perry Pattiz suggests dimensioning in AutoCAD’s paper space, and provides a tip that will make it easier to do so.

"A lot of people are still dimensioning in model space, which requires changing the size of the font every time you change the scale at which the drawing is being plotted. Instead, do all of the dimensioning in paper space on a Layout view, and the text will be the correct size independent of the plot scale. The trick to having the correct dimensions is to set the variable DIMASSOC to 2, then making sure to select object snaps on the model in the Layout view."

Notes from Cadalyst Tip Reviewer Brian Benton: This is a debate that seems as if it will never be resolved — and that’s OK. Where should you dimension? I believe that either method will work, as long as specific steps are taken. This tip suggests that you dimension in the Layout views (paper space). If you do, then please set DIMASSOC to 2. This setting will allow you to dimension with only one dimension style. You won’t have to create styles for different scale factors. The dimension objects will follow the objects they are dimensioning, meaning that if your line moves in model space, then your dimension in paper space will move with it. Just make sure you snap to that line.


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User comments
Comment by Azbell,Nicholas
Posted on 2012-09-17 13:34:04
You never really have to create multiple scale styles or change font sizes anyway. All you have to do is change the dimscale for each different size of dimension you need. It just creates an override in the style.
Comment by Bentz,Don
Posted on 2012-09-17 16:01:23
I usually dimension from floating model space and have my dimstyle is set to "scale dimensions to layout" so I never have to change anything.
Comment by Shehata,Tawfik
Posted on 2012-09-17 19:00:49
How about setting the dimension style to be annotative, setting the viewport annotation scale to match its standard scale, then adding the dimensions while inside the viewport. You can get a lot more using annotative dimensions/objects especially if you needed to change the viewport scale after adding the dimensions, or if the drawing will be X-referenced.
Comment by Krap,Atom
Posted on 2012-09-18 10:47:42
I agree with Tawfik. Perry's suggestion is fine if for some reason you need to dimension in paper space, but using the annotative features of AutoCAD is the more powerful solution.