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Tip 2248: Layer Manipulation
Tip# 2248 By Robert Gardner On 01-Oct-2007
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Categories : Layer Tools, Layer Manager, Layers
Software type : AutoCAD
Rename File To : Tip 2248: XREFLAY.lsp
XREFLAY.LSP automatically removes unwanted layer name prefixes.

Tip 2248: Layer Manipulation
Robert Gardner's Layer Manipulation is a solution for "getting rid of those pesky layer-name prefixes" when xref objects are inserted in a drawing. This function will read through each layer name in the layer table, and any found with the string "$0$" will be truncated to remove the string of text that appears before the "$0$" as well as the "$0$." For example, a layer named Test$0$mytest is changed to Mytest. If a matching layer name already exists, then an "X" is added to the beginning of the layer name. To use this tip, load the LISP code, then type Xreflay. The rest is automatic. This utility is a great example of the power of Visual LISP to make AutoCAD work the way you want.



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