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Tip 2246: UCS Made Easy
Tip# 2246 By Andrew Siddeley On 01-Oct-2007
Rated By 1 users Downloaded : 472
Categories : User Coordinate System, Drawing Properties, Named Views
Software type : AutoCAD
Rename File To : Tip 2246: ucs-z.lsp
UCS-Z.LSP makes flipping from one standard UCS to another quick and easy.

Tip 2246: UCS Made Easy
UCS Made Easy from Andrew Siddeley is a power tool that you can adapt to your own needs. The idea is to make flipping from one standard UCS to another quick and easy. After the LISP code has been loaded into AutoCAD, enter the command UZ. A dialog box appears and shows a series of possible angles rotated about the z-axis for a new UCS. Pick one, and it is set up for you. Inside this tip you will find a very interesting approach to dynamic dialog box creation. Andrew set up a series of functions to define dialog box components that are used to create a massive string with the entire dialog definition. When ready, the dialog box definition is written to a file ready for use inside the application. This function set also has some clever list manipulations going on inside. All in all, it's a brilliant tip -- useful as is for many -- and an interesting approach to coding.



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