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Tip 2231: Rotate Text to Match Line
Tip# 2231 By David Whitlow On 01-Aug-2007
Rated By 2 users Downloaded : 806
Categories : Single-Line Text
Software type : AutoCAD
Rename File To : Tip 2231: rotate-text.lsp
Adjusts existing text in a drawing to align with an existing line.

Tip 2231: Rotate Text to Match Line
Rotate Text to Match Line by David Whitlow allows you to adjust existing text in a drawing to align with an existing line. Load the LISP code and type Rt at the Command line in AutoCAD to activate the utility. You will first be prompted to locate a line object. Next, you will be asked to locate a text object. The text object will be rotated in place so that its angle matches that of the line. This tool is very handy when labeling linear shots in a drawing, because you don't waste time aligning text each time you create a new line. You can quickly add text without regard to the rotation. After completing a few or all of the text annotations, Rotate Text to Match Line can rotate them to match the lines in your drawing. A tip of the hat to David for this efficient production tool.



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User comments
Comment by Takagaki,Vivian
Posted on 2009-06-04 15:23:08
This is a great little tool! Is there any way to expand it to pick more than one line of text?
Comment by Maser,Andrew
Posted on 2009-07-14 13:15:43
I find this tip extremely useful. Is it possible to modify it so that it works with annotative text as well? amaser@mcbrideengineering.com