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Tip 2226: Complex Linetype Flip
Tip# 2226 By Michael Kolomiyets On 01-Jul-2007
Rated By 1 users Downloaded : 495
Categories : Linear Objects, 2D Editing
Software type : AutoCAD
Rename File To : Tip 2226: autoflip.lsp
Routine flips lines around so text and blocks that appear backward in the middle of a complex linetype will appear properly oriented.

Tip 2226: Complex Linetype Flip
It was only by a flip of his trusty silver 50-cent piece that Harry was able to choose between the two tips submitted by Michael Kolomiyets and name this month's top tip. Complex Linetype Flip won the call. This routine is a fascinating utility that works most of the time inside AutoCAD 2008. (Although programmed, the edit commands didn't work properly because of set creation option used. This is a good exercise for advanced programmers.) The idea behind this program is that lines created using complex linetypes might appear backward based on the way they were defined. When active, this routine will flip the lines around so that the text and blocks in the middle of the complex linetype appear properly oriented. The functionality activates upon loading the LISP code. It automatically starts by correcting any complex lines it finds. Then it continues to stick around and automatically correct lines after you draw them. It's a very nice set of functions and worth studying. Reactors are not difficult to program, but they can be interesting to debug as you fine-tune your coding. Harry appreciates Michael's support and willingness to share his great programming prowess with others. Thanks, Michael -- and please, keep on programmin'.



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