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Modified Divide
Tip# 2180 By Mosad Elewa On 01-Feb-2007
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Categories : 2D Operations, 2D Editing
Software type : AutoCAD
Rename File To : Tip 2180: DIV.LSP
Select a line, arc or circle, then routine asks how many segments you want and then automatically

Mosad Elewa sent us Modified Divide (Tip #2180). Sometimes the robust AutoCAD command set is not enough, and this tip shows how you can use AutoLISP to get AutoCAD to do exactly what you want. Once loaded, type DIV to activate the command, then select a line, arc or circle. DIV asks how many segments you want and then automatically places a line at each division point. The size of the line added is based on the size of the object selected. For arcs and circles, the line length is one quarter of the radius. For lines, the hash mark is the same size as the segment distance. According to the comment in the program, Mosad wrote this back in 1996 and it still runs today, 11 years later. Good LISP code never grows old!



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