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Filling Up
Tip# ALSPSOL0707 By Tony Hotchkiss On 01-Jul-2007
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Categories : Standard Blocks, Blocks
Software type : AutoCAD
Rename File To : Tip ALSPSOL0707 adarray.LSP Filling Up
Advanced array fills a variety of area shapes with user-selected blocks.

Bilal Issa e-mailed a request for a routine to fill an arbitrary area such as a circle, polygon, rectangle, triangle or closed polyline with an array of symbols or blocks. The routine should offer a choice of row and column spacing and should present a list of available blocks from which to choose in the current drawing. The blocks should appear as individual objects so they can be selected and adjusted later. Some typical areas to fill are shown below.

The AutoLISP Solution is ADARRAY.LSP, a routine that allows users to select a block from a pop-up list, choose the row and column spacing and pick a point inside the area to be filled.

Get the Code
Download the ADARRAY.LSP and ADARRAY.DCL files from Cadalyst's Get the Code! and save the files in AutoCAD's Support directory. Use the Appload facility by selecting Tools/Load Application and then select ADARRAY.LSP as shown below.



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User comments
Comment by Rodrigues,Albert
Posted on 2012-09-04 17:07:21
does not seem to work with vales less than 1. would be great if there was an option to selected the type of pattern; square or triangular
Comment by hussain,thajmul
Posted on 2017-01-19 08:54:28
hi tony your lisp doesn't it works. when i load Your lisp after i getting hatch.why i don't know .could you solve it . i am waiting good response. best regards hussain