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Bolt-Hole Circle Generator
Tip# 2174 By William Townsend On 01-Jan-2007
Rated By 3 users Downloaded : 1944
Categories : Curved Objects
Software type : AutoCAD
Rename File To : Tip 2174: bolt_circle.lsp
Enter basic parameters to draw circular bolt-hole series and routine annotates series and places variable center marks.

Bolt-Hole Circle Generator (Tip #2174) from William Townsend is another great example of letting LISP accomplish all the hard work. Load the LISP code and type BC1 at the AutoCAD Command prompt to activate the command. After entering the basic parameters needed to draw a bolt-hole series in a circular pattern, this routine goes a bit further by automatically annotating the series (prompted option when running) and placing variable center marks. In his e-mail, William indicates that he has looked for other bolt-hole generators and found several; the problem was that none of the others did it the way he needed. The solution was to do it himself, and we are very pleased that he shared it with all of us.



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