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Aligned Multiple Line Text
Tip# 2200 By David Harrington On 01-Apr-2007
Rated By 4 users Downloaded : 617
Categories : Multiline Text
Software type : AutoCAD
Rename File To : Tip 2200: ADX.lsp
Select an object with which you want to align mtext.

Aligned Multiple Line Text (Tip #2200) by David Harrington lets you to pick an object that you want mtext to align with. Load the LISP code and type ADX at the command line. You are asked to select an object in the drawing. Pick a line and the Mtext command starts with the angle of the text inserted to match the angle of the line selected. Now type in the text and press the OK button in the Mtext dialog when finished. The routine asks you to select another object. When selected, the same text is placed along the newly selected object. This tip is a great productivity utility for labeling map lines and similar features in a drawing.



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Comment by Harrison,Clayton
Posted on 2013-08-28 15:01:20
I often need to have text aligned to a centerline of a road or some other line and this worked perfectly.