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Freeze Block Layers
Tip# 3275 By Robert Somppi On 04-Oct-2009
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Categories : Blocks General
Software type : AutoCAD 2010
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Follow this tip to freeze layers beyond 0 (zero) or those just contained within a certain block.

Drafter Robert Somppi sends us a tip on freezing (or turning off) layers in a block. "Sometimes when trying to freeze, turn off, or lock a layer that a block is on, you'll find you can only freeze layer 0 (zero) or other layers that are contained within that block. To avoid this problem, select the block, then click on the Layer drop-down list in the Object Properties toolbar (which shows the layer that the block is on), and finally click on the icon next to that layer."

Notes from Cadalyst Tip Patrol: Blocks are interesting entities. A block can be inserted on one layer while its objects are drawn on another — an arrangement that can be either useful or frustrating. If a block's objects are drawn on a layer but the block was inserted on a different layer, freezing the block layer will not freeze the block. Instead, you'll need to freeze the layer the block's objects are drawn on. If a block's objects are drawn on layer 0 (zero), then the objects will take on the characteristics of the layer the block is inserted on.


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User comments
Comment by Wright,Rick
Posted on 2009-10-05 18:35:00
That's why, in our office, it's a hanging offense to create a block on any layer other than "0"
Comment by Johnston,Darren
Posted on 2009-10-07 05:58:38
With reference to the Cadalyst Tip Patrol comment, if you freeze the layer a block is inserted on, the WHOLE BLOCK disappears. However, freezing layers that entities within a block are drawn on results in just those entities becoming invisible from the block. Entities in a block on layers not frozen will remain visible.
Comment by bates,john
Posted on 2009-10-07 16:38:04
Rick - I too was always told to define blocks on layer 0, so that they inherit properties of the insert layer. I personally have never needed to have blocks with entities spread across several layers - but that's probably down to the nature of my work (space planning).