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Batch Plot with Sheet Sets and Selection Sets
Tip# 3431 By Bart Hays On 24-May-2010
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Categories : Batch
Software type : AutoCAD 2011
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Create drawing sets for individual vendors.

Bart Hays uses sheet sets to manage his drawing sets, especially for batch printing.

"We design museum exhibits that include casework, sculptural fabrication, audio and video, etc. I use the Sheet Selections function to create sets for individual vendors. Our drawings are sequentially based on the components, but our CNC (computer numerical control) vendor only needs to see the CNC parts, our metal shop only needs the metal drawings, and so on. I create sheet selection sets per fabricator so I can batch-publish all relevant drawings in one task.
"I do wish I could add sheets to a selection set without first deleting the existing set. However, I found that if I select the sheet selection set, it highlights all the sheets in the set in the Sheet Set Manager. Then I can delete the sheet selection set, use Ctrl + Select to add sheets, and then create a new sheet selection set with the same name as the previously deleted one."
Notes from Cadalyst Tip Patrol: The Sheet Set Manager is a great tool that you should be using in AutoCAD (and its verticals). If not, then you are not as efficient as you could be. Here, Bart describes how he uses it for batch plotting, which means to plot more than one drawing at a time with a single command. Sheet sets allow you to plot and publish your drawings with a few clicks, and you never have to open the files. You don't even have to know where or what the files are! You can create subsets of drawings in your list, or create selection sets, as Bart describes. This provides you with a selection of the files you want to work with. Once you select them, you can print those drawings right away.


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