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Using Fields in Attributed Text
Tip# 3414 By Mike Dunn On 03-May-2010
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Categories : Attributed Blocks
Software type : AutoCAD 2011
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Use fields in block attributes for path and filename information.

Mike Dunn sent us this tip on using fields in block attributes for file path and name information.

"I use fields in AutoCAD attributed text in a title block for two important reasons:
1.  To ensure the current path and filename are printed.
2.  The current path and filename text cannot be edited.

"With this process, the only way to change this data is to rename the actual CAD filename. (There are other field data attributes that might come in handy in other blocks as well.)

"Reasoning: Redlines without the correct DWG path/filename can cause much wasted time when trying to establish the redline parent DWG. In this instance, the drawing name and the path/filename are both created as attributed text/fields within the title block itself. Make sure to do this in the Default area of the Attribute tag.

"For filename, create attributed text, then highlight that text (in the Default area of the Attribute tag), right-click, and Insert Field. Select Document for the Field Category, then Filename for the Field Name (select Filename Only, without a file extension). The current filename shows as Default; it will change in a DWG of a differing filename.

"For path/filename, the only difference from the above instructions is to choose 'Display file extension and Path and filename' instead of Filename Only.

"Select Block entities in the desired order of edit, including both field attributes (which will not be editable). The resulting Title Block data does not even show these two fields as editable."
Notes from Cadalyst Tip Patrol: The process is simpler than it sounds. Also, you don't have to set these fields up as attributes, but you can use single-line or multi-line text instead. Using fields ensures that your information is correct. A field can get data about any object and most settings in any file.


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Comment by nemirovsky,len
Posted on 2010-05-03 14:49:18
I use FIELDS in a very similar way. In addition to make it easier to update/change FIELDS I tide them up with SHEETSETS - and that is getting MORE INTERESTING :)