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Swap Attribute Values within the Same Block
Tip# 4141 By Patrick Evangelista On 19-Jun-2013
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Categories : Attributed Blocks, LISP Code Modules, Programming Examples
Software type : AutoCAD 2014
Rename File To : swapatt.lsp
Push attribute values from a certain tag into other tagged attributes.

SwapAtt is a function that will push attribute values from a certain tag into other tagged attributes in AutoCAD. It is designed to be used inside other LISP functions. The function name is (swapatt) and it requires two arguments, each a quoted list of tag names. The first element in the first list will be replaced by the first element in the second list, and so on. Tip contributor Patrick Evangelista provides an example at the bottom of the LISP file.


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Comment by Mohamed,Zeinab
Posted on 2013-06-29 11:28:38
Dear Patrick Evangelista, I tried to download it, but i get message "you don't have permission to access folder on server.How can i get it? Thank you in advance.