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Rearrange Order of Block Attributes
Tip# 4158 By Khayoum Mohammed On 15-Jul-2013
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Categories : Attributed Blocks
Software type : AutoCAD 2014
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Attributed blocks provide a way for users to input data into each block instance.

Khayoum Mohammed, a CAD manager and senior mechanical designer, shares a trick to help you order your AutoCAD block attributes as desired.

"Problem: You want to add some attributes to a dynamic block that already has multiple attributes; the order for these attributes will be after the existing ones. The attribute manager will allow you to change the order, but this won't be reflected when you save the block. Alternately, you can write block (wblock) and choose the order of attributes, but then you will have to redo the dynamic portions of the block.

"Solution: Try copying the attributes off to one side at a set measurement, by selecting them one at a time in the order that you want them to be prompted. Once you are done copying, erase all the previous attributes. Then move the attributes back by the distance you set. Once you save the block, the attributes will be in the correct order."

Notes from Cadalyst tip reviewer Brian Benton: Attributed blocks provide a way for users to input data into each block instance. That data can be displayed as text indicating a residential lot number, building identification, slope, material, quantity, or anything else. When a user edits that data, a dialog box opens and presents the attributes in a specific order. The order could be important, so you want to be able to control it. If you have trouble arranging the order, this trick can help you.

The attribute tools in the block editor can help you arrange the order as well. If you find that a change to your attributed block does not update, use the command BattMan (this is not a superhero; it stands for Block Attribute Manager). Start the command, select your block, then click the Sync button. This will synchronize all of the instances of your block to reflect the changes you made.


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User comments
Comment by Donovan,Michael
Posted on 2013-07-15 14:25:26
In the block editor you can use the command “BATTORDER”. After changing the order of your attributes close and save changes. Once back in the drawing use the command “ATTSYNC” press enter to <select>. Then select an instance of the block with the order change and answer yes to complete the command.
Comment by stibli,franz
Posted on 2013-07-15 15:39:03
it only works with attribute that have no fields content. if you change the order of the attributes, after attsync, all the fieldvalues are shifted as you changed the order of the attributes. so take care!