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Edit Multiple Instances of a Block with GATTE
Tip# 3767 By Ron Lohan On 06-Nov-2011
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Categories : Attributed Blocks
Software type : AutoCAD 2012
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Change blocks globally or one at a time.

Principal Architect Ronald Lohan shares with us the reason he uses the AutoCAD Architecture command GATTE (also available in AutoCAD and its verticals) to edit attributed blocks.

"When completing room finish, door, and window schedules, I commonly use our company's preset block, which contains numerous two- or three-letter abbreviations that define the block (e.g., in the room finish insert block, FLR = FLOOR, BA = BASE, WA1 = WALL 1, MA1 = MATERIAL 1, etc.). Depending on the size of the project, it can have upwards of 90 rooms, doors, and windows.

"The room number and name is linked to the room name block on the floor plan (using fields) to maintain consistency, where the floors, base, walls, ceilings, and ceiling heights are independent from one another; rather than using AttEdit, we use GATTE (Global Attribute Edit, or GG). This enables us to select any particular attribute, add either the alphanumeric or text characters (e.g., P = PAINT, GB = GYP BOARD, WF = WALL FABRIC, FF = FACTORY FINISH, etc.), then select either Yes to change all of them in a column simultaneously or No to manually select the attributes to change in the same column.

"This saves a considerable amount of single-block editing time, especially on a project with ninety rooms or more. The door and window schedules are very similar. A common room finish, door, or window schedule can be accomplished in minutes rather than hours! This also works on detail bubbles, section bubbles, or any block that requires editing, all without the use of AttEdit."

Notes from Cadalyst Tip Patrol: One way to gain speed in CAD is to reduce the amount of work you do. The less time you spend clicking, the sooner the project is over — and the sooner you can bill the client. The GATTE command allows you to edit multiple instances of a block in your file. You can change your blocks globally (hence the name), or change them one at a time.


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