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Convert ATTDEF Entities to Text
Tip# 3685 By Robert Zipprich On 17-Jul-2011
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Categories : 2D Editing, Attributed Blocks
Software type : AutoCAD 2012
Rename File To : Atdf/,Atdf/.DS_Store,Atdf/Atdf2txt.dcl,Atdf/Atdf2txt.LSP
Clean up unwanted ATTDEF entities created when an attributed block is exploded.

This routine cleans up the unwanted ATTDEF entities left behind when an attributed block is exploded with the regular AutoCAD Explode command. It achieves this by converting the unwanted entities to text. This routine from Robert L. Zipprich includes a dialog box, and the included DCL file must be located in a path that is included in the support file search path. After you complete this, load the LISP file and type in the command ATDF2TXT. The routine will scan the drawing looking for ATTDEF entities. If none are found, the program will alert you; if some are found, you will be prompted to convert None, Single, or All. Choosing None will exit the routine; choosing Single will allow you to select a single ATTDEF entity; and choosing All will convert all of the ATTDEF entities to text.


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Comment by Petursson,Kevin
Posted on 2011-07-18 14:45:43
Instead of Exploding blocks with attribute, I use teh "Burst" command. It explodes similar to the regular explode command but it converts Attributes to text objects and places the "bursted" entities on the layer the block was on (if they were defined on layer 0) or places the entiries on the layer they were defined on inside the block.