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Add a Flange to the End of a Contour Roll
Tip# 4369 By Charles Parnell On 22-Sep-2014
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Categories : 3D Operations
Software type : Inventor
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Use Inventor's 3D model tools to create a flange on the end of a contour roll.

Some time ago I needed to create a flange on the end of a contour roll and discovered that sheet metal tools didn’t offer a way to do this. I noticed I had access to the 3D model tools and thought I’d try to use them to accomplish this.

I selected the cut end of the contour roll, created a new sketch, and projected the boundary.

I then extruded that sketch, Thickness*2. If the extrusion is not long enough, the flange feature will not work.

I then was able to use the Sheet Metal Flange tool and create the flange that I needed.

I could then add other standard flanges as necessary.

This will flatten just like any other sheet metal component. That allows me to create these panels as one unit; otherwise I would have to create separate components and possibly have to weld them.

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