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Shift Key Shortcuts
Tip# 3226 By Mike O'Flaherty On 28-Jun-2009
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Categories : 2D Operations
Software type : AutoCAD 2010
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These eight tips will help improve AutoCAD efficiency.

Mike O’Flaherty sent us eight tips that will make you more efficient in AutoCAD with the press of one key!

"Below are some tips for using the Shift button as a command modifier.

1: "While in the Extend command pressing Shift lets you trim an object.

2: "While in the Trim command pressing Shift lets you extend an object.

3: "Hold Shift and click the right mouse button to pop up an Object Snap menu.

4: "Hold Shift while in the Fillet or Chamfer command and you can make a trimmed corner without changing the current fillet radius or chamfer distance settings.

5: "Holding Shift while in a command will disable Ortho if it’s turned on or enable it if Ortho is turned off.

6: "Use the Shift and middle mouse button to orbit your view while working in 3D.

7: "Remove objects from the current selection set by holding down Shift and selecting them a second time.

8: "When objects are overlapping or very close together and are difficult to select, you can use a combination of Shift and the spacebar to cycle through the entities in the area of the pickbox until you highlight the one you want and can select it.

"Pretty basic stuff, but the handiest tips often are.

"We’re using AutoCAD 2008 right now and will hopefully be switching to AutoCAD 2010 soon."

NOTES FROM CADALYST TIP PATROL: The Shift key can be your key to better efficiency in AutoCAD. All of these tips work as described and are very easy to initiate. Just press down the Shift key.


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Comment by Elrod,Kent
Posted on 2009-06-29 14:58:28
If Shift to acquire is set, then for tracking, press and hold shift to acquire a point. Hold shift and select multiple grip points to edit more than one grip at a time.