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Select Similar Objects
Tip# 4077 By Danny Korem On 25-Feb-2013
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Categories : 2D Operations
Software type : AutoCAD 2013
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This tool will select objects for you, based on one that you choose.

Danny Korem shares a few tips about using the Select Similar tool when making selections in AutoCAD.

"As much as I like using Quick Select to create selections sets, it is not the only option we have to make a selection set. Another quick method of selection is clicking a single instance of a certain object, then right-clicking and opting for the Select Similar option. You can choose more than one object type; all similar objects will still be selected. This functionality first appeared in the AutoCAD-based verticals (Civil 3D, Map 3D), and was incorporated into standard AutoCAD in 2012.

"In the screenshot on the left, I picked up one bumper and one circular numbered block. After right-clicking and selecting the Select Similar option, we end up as in the screenshot on the right, with a 599-object selection set."

Notes from Brian Benton, Cadalyst tip reviewer: The Select Similar tool is very quick and useful. It will select objects that are just like the one you choose. You can keep adding to this list by selecting another object (different from the first) and right-clicking to use the Select Similar command; this will add similar objects to your current selection set.


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