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Reattach Centerlines
Tip# 4482 By David Gaskill On 15-Jun-2015
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Categories : 2D Operations
Software type : Inventor
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Here's a quick way to reattach centerlines in Autodesk Inventor without recreating them.

Have you ever opened an Autodesk Inventor 2D drawing with centerlines, and then modified the part and opened the drawing again to find centerlines are not attached and giving errors? This tip will show you an easy way to solve this problem without having to recreate the centerlines.

  • Open a drawing with centerline errors. Make sure Edge Priority is selected. I use Shift right-click.

  • Pick the blue dot associated with the centerline with issues, and then select the edge of the part you added the centerline too.


  • If more than one centerline was affected with your earlier change, repeat process. Much easier than deleting and adding back, especially if you had a dimension associated with that centerline.


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Comment by Ringsler,Stefan
Posted on 2015-06-27 08:17:07
So, if you drag the border of the view a little bit the centerline find the refrence again. It's quit easy