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Draw Cabinet Elevations
Tip# 3042 By Jay Thomas On 01-Dec-2008
Rated By 2 users Downloaded : 1175
Categories : 2D Operations
Software type : AutoCAD 2008
Rename File To : Cab_Elev2.txt, Cabinet2/A_PKs32a.dwg, Cabinet2/A_PKs32f.dwg, Cabinet2/A_PKs42a.dwg, Cabinet2/A_PKs42f.dwg, Cabinet2/A_PLa18f.dwg, Cabinet2/A_PLs12f.dwg, Cabinet2/A_PLs16f.dwg, Cabinet2/A_PLs20f.dwg, Cabinet2/A_PLs24a.dwg, Cabinet2/A_PLs24f.dwg, Cabinet2/A_PWcf1.dwg, Cabinet2/Cb-Hndl-A.dwg, Cabinet2/Cb-Hndl-AO.dwg, Cabinet2/Cb-Hndl-C.dwg, Cabinet2/Cb-Hndl-O.dwg, Cabinet2/Cb-Hndl.dwg, Cabinet2/CE_B1.dwg, Cabinet2/CE_B2.dwg, Cabinet2/CE_B3.dwg, Cabinet2/CE_BC-33.dwg, Cabinet2/CE_BC-36.dwg, Cabinet2/CE_BD3.dwg, Cabinet2/CE_BD4.dwg, Cabinet2/CE_BEnd.dwg, Cabinet2/CE_BFil.dwg, Cabinet2/CE_BS01.dwg, Cabinet2/CE_BS1.dwg, Cabinet2/CE_BS2.dwg, Cabinet2/CE_BSC-36.dwg, Cabinet2/CE_BSC-42.dwg, Cabinet2/CE_BT1.dwg, Cabinet2/CE_CEnd.dwg, Cabinet2/CE_CEndC.dwg, Cabinet2/CE_CookTop.dwg, Cabinet2/CE_DEnd.dwg, Cabinet2/CE_Dishwasher.dwg, Cabinet2/CE_Dryer.dwg, Cabinet2/CE_DskB01.dwg, Cabinet2/CE_DskB02.dwg, Cabinet2/CE_DskB03.dwg, Cabinet2/CE_DskB04.dwg, Cabinet2/CE_DskB1.dwg, Cabinet2/CE_DskB2.dwg, Cabinet2/CE_DskB3.dwg
This tool uses the LISP command Cab_Elev2 or CE2 to provide an expert drawing system just for cabinet elevations.

This cool tool uses the LISP command Cab_Elev2 or CE2 to provide an expert drawing system just for cabinet elevations. This tip has multiple files and includes a library of blocks that must be located in a folder named Cabinet2 under the LSP file folder. A text file explains the contents of the various files included. To use this power drawing tool, start with two horizontal lines approximately 84" apart. Place the cabinet components working from the left. A lot of other goodies for cabinet designers are available in this tip, and an editable data file lets you add your own components. Draw Cabinet Elevations is a very cool expert system that will save a lot of time when you are laying out cabinets in AutoCAD.


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User comments
Comment by Hunter,Brian
Posted on 2008-12-03 19:22:44
Hi, Downloaded all files successfully. Loaded lsp file successfully. When I execute the Ce2 command I get an error and cant seem to figure out the problem?? Error reads: bad argument type: stringp nil. Does that mean anything to anybody? thanks. Sure like to try this out.
Comment by Thomas,Jay
Posted on 2008-12-14 17:43:46
The Problem you are having is the lsp routine can not find the supporrt files. Right click on a blank area in Autocad. Select "Options". Click on the "Files" tab. Click the "+" on "Support file Search Path" Click on "add" then "Browse". Find the subdirectory the lap file is located in and click "OK". Click "Apply" and close options. THe program should work fine. Enjoy, Jay