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Divide Open Areas
Tip# 1950 By Jay Miller On 01-May-2004
Rated By 1 users Downloaded : 355
Categories : 2D Operations, Linear Objects
Software type : AutoCAD
Rename File To : Tip1950: DVX.LSP
DVX.LSP automates a series of commands that use a series of anchor points to dimension or draw objects relative to two known objects.

Perhaps the discoveries come from necessity, as in the case of Tip #1950 (Divide Open Areas), by Jay Miller. This pair of AutoLISP functions automates a series of commands that you often call on when you create drawings. The technique is a good tip all by itself. With Jay's automation, it's really useful.

Suppose you want to use a series of anchor points to dimension or draw other objects that are relative to two known objects. Load the code, type DVX, enter the number of divisions you want, and select a point on the first object. The object snap is already set to the nearest object point option. For the second point, the object snap mode is set to perpendicular. The command draws a temporary line between the two points, uses the Divide command to place a series of points, and then saves the points just added in a selection set for later removal. The temporary line is removed so that you can see and select the points created more easily. You can now pick these points to draw what's needed using the Node snap mode. Points are placed on the Defpoints layer and behave like the points encountered in dimensions-they don't respond to PDMODE and PDSIZE. This is very useful for dividing up open areas.



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