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Copy an Array of Items
Tip# 4051 By Phil Clark On 19-Jan-2013
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Categories : 2D Operations
Software type : AutoCAD 2013
Rename File To : Quick-Array.lsp
Quick Array acts in a similar fashion to the Array option of the built-in Copy command.

Quick Array is a good name for this LISP routine by Phil Clark, because it does exactly what the name says: it lets you perform a quick array in AutoCAD. Load the LISP file and type in the command QA. Pick one or more entities, then drag the cursor to set an end point and specify the direction for the array. The base point will be selected for you; all you have left to do is specify the spacing between the objects and press Enter. The result is copies of your selected items — not a true Array object, but this is desirable in many cases. QA is similar to the Array option of the built-in Copy command, except that QA requires you to specify the spacing, while the Copy command expects the number of objects.


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