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Align Balloons in Inventor
Tip# 4287 By David Gaskill On 14-Apr-2014
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Categories : 2D Geometry
Software type : Inventor
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Tidy up your Inventor drawings.

This tip from David Edward Gaskill shows you how to line up multiple annotation balloon callouts in Autodesk Inventor.

When working with 2D drawings in Inventor, have you ever added balloons to a drawing and wanted them to align on the drawing? Here is method for cleaning up your ballooned 2D drawing:

  1. Select the balloons you want to align (hold down the Shift key to pick several balloons at one time, or use a window crossing). Make sure only balloons are selected.

  2. Right-click (personally, my favorite command is the right-click), then select the Align fly-out menu, then select your desired results: Vertical, Horizontal, Vertical Offset, or Horizontal Offset.

  3. Your balloons are now aligned. The balloons should still be selected, and can be moved in a group while remaining aligned.

Personally, I wish we could align to an isometric angle. Maybe if enough of us wish for this, it may come true in a future release.

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