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Use Trim to Break
Tip# 3905 By Mark Furse On 04-Jun-2012
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Categories : 2D Editing
Software type : AutoCAD 2013
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Break lines and objects with the Trim command instead of the Break command.

Mark Furse sends us a tip about using AutoCAD's Trim command to break an object.

"I’ve always found the Break command a bit clumsy. When using running osnaps, it will often snap back to the first break when I’m trying to specify the second. An easier method is to use the Trim command.

"For instance, if you want to break a line between two other lines or objects, you can use the Trim command to do this. It effectively trims to the two lines at once. I haven’t tested it systematically, but it seems to work with all the objects and in all the ways that you would expect the usual Trim command to work. I think I’ve been using this since AutoCAD 2002."

Notes from Cadalyst Tip Reviewer Brian Benton:
The Break command can be tricky to control — thus the need for this tip. One way to use the Break command is to use the First option. Start the Break command and pick your initial break point. Typically that point would be the first break point of your selection; instead, type the letter F and you can start over, but on the selected object. This allows you to select the object you want to break without being locked in to using the point picked.


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