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Stretch Objects with Osnaps
Tip# 3671 By Danny Korem On 20-Jun-2011
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Categories : 2D Editing
Software type : AutoCAD 2012
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Access osnaps shortcuts with a keyboard-and-mouse combination.

Tipster Danny Korem shows us how to access osnaps in AutoCAD during other commands.

"Suppose you have a rectangular polyline with a side that is not accurate or precise. When you select it by a crossing window and select one of the corners within the same crossing window, you have no idea what the exact stretch value will be — and you're not going to calculate it, are you? In such a case, right-click while pressing the Shift key to access all of the good old object snaps. If you select from the list, you can jump to the other corner (the one that was absent when creating the crossing-window selection) and make your picks. You have just earned the privilege to quote the precise dimension and to stretch your rectangle, ignoring the actual non-precise width."
Notes from Cadalyst Tip Patrol:
Stretching objects can be a bit difficult to do precisely, especially if you don't know the exact length of an object. In this example, a side of a rectangle was not created with a precise, or logical length. You can pick your exact stretch points using osnaps. One method to access the osnaps is to type them in. Another is to use this tipster's method, Shift+RMB. This will bring up the osnaps Shortcut Menu. It will open near your cursor so you won't have to go far to get them, and if you don't know what to type in, they are all there.


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Comment by Lara,Julie
Posted on 2011-06-21 14:30:15
You could also use Object and Polar Snap Tracking and Dynamic Imput which is available in AutoCAD and AutoCAD Architecture versions 2008 and newer.