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Simultaneous Fillets
Tip# 3510 By Hugo Valenzuela On 10-Oct-2010
Rated By 1 users Downloaded : 1140
Categories : 2D Editing
Software type : AutoCAD 2011
Rename File To : MFILLET.lsp
Script the Fillet command to fillet multiple lines at once.

MFillet is a routine from Hugo Valenzuela that scripts the Fillet command in AutoCAD, allowing you to fillet multiple lines at once. The lines are filleted with a zero radius forming a corner. The lines must touch or cross, and the fillet is made leaving the two longest segments in place. Start by loading the LISP file, then type in the command MFillet. Select the lines to fillet, then press Enter to see the result. This command also works in coordinate systems other than WCS. If you need a true radius instead of a corner, you can easily modify the code to replace the 0 with your desired radius. Thanks, Hugo.


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