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Leverage the Trim and Extend Commands
Tip# 3739 By David Gaskill On 03-Oct-2011
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Categories : 2D Editing
Software type : AutoCAD 2012
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Select the perfect trimming or extension edge.

CADD Designer David Gaskill gives us a tip for using the Trim and Extend commands in AutoCAD and its verticals.

"When you need to trim or extend items, there is an easy way to do so without having to pick the item(s) to extend or trim to — plus switch between the two commands while in the same command. Activate the Trim command (using a pull-down menu, tool palettes, or the Command line), then press the Enter key twice (the first time activates the command; the second selects all geometry for extending). Next, pick the item to extend or trim; there's no need to pick the item to extend or trim to. This method saves a mouse click and can speed up trimming and extending in a large file. You can also hold the Shift key to switch from Trim to Extend or vice versa."

Notes from Cadalyst Tip Patrol:
I've spent too much time trying to select just the right trimming (or extension) edge — this tip could have saved me a lot of effort! One of my favorite parts is that the Select All aspect doesn't take a million years to process each object, it just does it. And don't forget the Shift key to toggle Trim and Extend for two commands in one.


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