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Edit Any Type of Text
Tip# 3605 By Jim Himes On 25-Mar-2011
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Categories : Multiline Text, Single-Line Text, 2D Editing
Software type : AutoCAD
Edit any sort of text with one command.

Jim Himes has resurrected an old LISP routine from the Cadence magazine days. This routine allows you to edit any sort of text with one command. If you are using a recent version of AutoCAD, then you may know that the built-in DDEdit command also has this capability, but there are still many people who use older versions of AutoCAD where this can come in handy.

This routine includes a DCL file to support a dialog, so you will need to place both files in a directory that is in your support file search path. Load the LISP file, then run the command DDE. You can select an attribute definition, an attribute (or a block with an attribute), text, mtext, or a dimension, and the appropriate editing command will be launched. Be careful with certain dimensions such as aligned dimensions; the dialog warns that the value shown will not be accurate.


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