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December 2009 Hot Tip Harry
Tip# 3334 By Bill Kramer On 01-Dec-2009
Rated By 1 users Downloaded : 369
Categories : Misc. User Tools
Software type : AutoCAD
Rename File To : VIEWREST.zip,textx2.zip,revisebrk.zip,mathtext.zip,InsulBattPoly.zip,circ.zip,1209harry-ReadMe.txt
A single zip file to download all the tips.

Harry's tips from December include the following:

Automatic Circles and Sprockets — Bill Townsend — Create a circle by specifying the circumference. The second routine allows you to create a sprocket in which the diameter is based on the chain pitch and tooth count.

Add Batting Insulation — Kent Cooper — Convert an existing entity to a polyline representation of Batt insulation, or create one.

A Better Break Command — Shawn Evjen — Adjust how the Break command works. You will be prompted to select an entity, then prompted for two points at which to break the entity.

Correctly Scaled Text for Plotting — Glenn White — Place text that's scaled correctly for any given plotted height. The text can be placed in model space, a layout, or inside a viewport.

Quickly Restore Named View — Doug Powers— Restore a named view by picking a point near that view.

Run Calculations on Numerical Text and Mtext — Ronald Maneja — Perform mathematical functions on text or mtext entities. You can choose from addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division.


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