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October 2010 Hot Tip Harry
Tip# 3512 By R.K. McSwain On 10-Oct-2010
Rated By 1 users Downloaded : 262
Categories : Misc. User Tools
Software type : AutoCAD 2011
Rename File To : October2010HTH/,October2010HTH/.DS_Store,October2010HTH/1010Harry-ReadMe.txt,October2010HTH/3dtools.lsp,October2010HTH/as.lsp,October2010HTH/Qrcodes/,October2010HTH/Detxref.LSP,October2010HTH/WRITEELEV/,October2010HTH/Justwipe.lsp,October2010HTH/MFILLET.lsp,October2010HTH/Qrcodes/qrcode.gif,October2010HTH/Qrcodes/qrcodes.lsp,October2010HTH/WRITEELEV/sample_data.txt,October2010HTH/WRITEELEV/write-elevation.lsp
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Import Coordinates — Shahrokh Sobhani — This tip allows you to import an ASCII file of coordinates into an AutoCAD drawing as text objects.

Xref Control by Picking — Benzigar Peter — The original version of this tip, by Murray Clack, allowed users to detach an xref by selecting the object in an AutoCAD drawing. Benzigar has added the ability to open, bind, and unload a selected xref.

Create QR Codes — Ian Vogel — QR codes are patterns of black modules on a white background — similar to barcodes — that can be read by scanners, mobile phones, cameras, etc.

Sum Values in Text Strings — Scott Botting — This routine adds up numerical values in text strings. Scott frequently labels the area of polylines in AutoCAD, then uses this routine to add up the areas in each label.

Simultaneous Fillets — Hugo Valenzuela — MFillet scripts the Fillet command in AutoCAD, allowing you to fillet multiple lines at once.

Create Wipeouts Two Ways — Andrea Andreetti — In order to shape the wipeout, this LISP routine lets you select just about any linear object in an AutoCAD drawing, or you can draw your own polygonal or freehand shape.

3D Navigation and UCS Control — Mitch Thaxter — This tip is from Mitch Thaxter, who has added functionality to an existing LISP file by William J. Blackmon. The end result is a LISP file that creates more than 20 useful AutoCAD commands for 3D navigation and UCS (user coordinate system) control.



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