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September 2014 Hot Tip Harry
Tip# 4368 By R.K. McSwain On 14-Sep-2014
Rated By 0 users Downloaded : 167
Categories : Misc. User Tools
Software type : AutoCAD 2015
Rename File To : 0914HTH/,0914HTH/.DS_Store,0914HTH/._.DS_Store,0914HTH/0914Harry-ReadMe.txt,0914HTH/._0914Harry-ReadMe.txt,0914HTH/DYNAMIC-VPLAYER.LSP,0914HTH/Fluid2/,0914HTH/Fluid2/fluid2.pat,0914HTH/Fluid2/fluid2.png,0914HTH/PasteBlockWithName.lsp,0914HTH/VERSION.LSP
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Easily Freeze and Thaw Layers — Raymond Rizkallah — This set of macros can dynamically control layer visibility in an AutoCAD drawing with multiple xrefs, without involving the Layer Properties dialog box.

Find the AutoCAD Version of a DWG File — Dean Culver — Identify the last saved version of the current AutoCAD drawing.

PasteBlock with New Name — Kent Cooper — What if you could intercept the action of pasting in a block and rename it on the fly? That is what this routine does, and if you ensure it is loaded at startup, you can all but eliminate the wacky, random, automatically created block names like A$CFG5D32S.

Staggered Fluid Hatch Pattern — Harold Detlaff — Harold has given us another nice AutoCAD hatch pattern, similar to the one he shared in Cadalyst CAD Tip #4256.


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