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August 2011 Hot Tip Harry
Tip# 3711 By R.K. McSwain On 16-Aug-2011
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Categories : Misc. User Tools
Software type : AutoCAD 2012
Rename File To : August2011HTH/,August2011HTH/0811Harry-ReadMe.txt,August2011HTH/Final.lsp,August2011HTH/GET-ARC-LINE-ENDPTS-P.LSP,August2011HTH/LOCKEM.LSP,August2011HTH/MBREAK.LSP,August2011HTH/OffsettoLayer.lsp,August2011HTH/Star.lsp
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For August, Harry's picks include the following:

Break Multiple Lines — Ferdinand O. Gawat — The Multiple Break routine enables you to break one or more lines where they intersect with other lines. 

Collect Arc and Line Endpoints — James Maeding — With this unique AutoLISP function, you can get line and arc geometric information for anything you see on screen in AutoCAD, whether it be in a block, group, external reference, or just a plain entity.  

Offset to Any Layer — Kent Cooper — There has probably been an Offset to Layer command available ever since AutoLISP was introduced, but this improved version allows you to offset to any layer, not just the current layer or the source layer.

Draw Stars with Any Number of Points — Kent Cooper — Kent has expanded on two previous Cadalyst CAD Tips and created a routine that can draw a star with any number of points, either in "chain" mode or with the inner point diameter defined as a percentage of the outer point diameter. 

Lock or Unlock Multiple Viewports — Sam J. Lucido — This routine addresses a common problem: how to quickly lock or unlock multiple viewports at once in AutoCAD.

Tidy Drawing Shutdown — Sam J. Lucido — Sam's second routine this month sets layer 0 current, fully purges the drawing, performs a zoom extents, runs the Audit command, and finally saves the drawing.



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