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June 2010 Hot Tip Harry
Tip# 3446 By R.K. McSwain On 10-Jun-2010
Rated By 1 users Downloaded : 278
Categories : Misc. User Tools
Software type : AutoCAD 2011
Rename File To : June2010HTH/,June2010HTH/bgmask/,June2010HTH/bgmask/meiBGMask/,June2010HTH/bgmask/meiBGMask/meiBGMask/,June2010HTH/bgmask/meiBGMask/meiBGMask/bin/,June2010HTH/bgmask/meiBGMask/meiBGMask/bin/Debug/,June2010HTH/bgmask/meiBGMask/meiBGMask/bin/Release/,June2010HTH/bgmask/meiBGMask/meiBGMask/My Project/,June2010HTH/.DS_Store,June2010HTH/0610Harry-ReadMe.txt,June2010HTH/bgmask/meiBGMask/meiBGMask/obj/,June2010HTH/bgmask/meiBGMask/meiBGMask/obj/Debug/,June2010HTH/bgmask/meiBGMask/meiBGMask/obj/Debug/TempPE/,June2010HTH/bgmask/meiBGMask/meiBGMask/obj/Release/,June2010HTH/bgmask/.DS_Store,June2010HTH/bgmask/meiBGMask/meiBGMask/obj/Release/TempPE/,June2010HTH/bgmask/meiBGMask/.DS_Store,June2010HTH/bgmask/meiBGMask/meiBGMask/.DS_Store,June2010HTH/bgmask/meiBGMask/meiBGMask/bin/Debug/meiBGMask.dll,June2010HTH/LaySwitch/,June2010HTH/Mon/,June2010HTH/SSbyOBj/,June2010HTH/bgmask/meiBGMask/meiBGMask/bin/Debug/meiBGMask.pdb,June2010HTH/bgmask/meiBGMask/meiBGMask/bin/Debug/meiBGMask.xml,June2010HTH/bgmask/meiBGMask/meiBGMask/b
Download one zip for all the tips.

For June, Harry's picks include the following:

Draw a Border around Text — Walt Bedinger — This routine, which will draw a rectangle around one or more text and Mtext entities, is an update to a tip that Walt submitted more than 15 years ago.

Apply Layer States Automatically — Andy Maser — This routine adds an event handler that will apply a layer state with the same name as the layout  each time you switch layouts. If no matching layer state is found, however, then no action is taken.

Background Mask for Mtext — Andy Maser — Just as soon as we publish the very first .NET tip, here comes the second one! This routine allows you to turn on background masking for a selection set of Mtext entities.

Create an Incremental Text Grid — Shahrokh Sobhani — Create rows of incremental text based on user input. You can choose the row offset distance, the incremental value, and the precision of the output text.

Auto-Updating Monument Block — Leonid Nemirovsky — This LISP routine comes with a unique block; it includes fields that update based on the location of the block itself. The LISP code assists you in inserting the block, and it is automatically scaled based on the current dimscale value.

Selection Set by Object — Isak Mishaeli — These two routines run as transparent commands when you are prompted for a selection set, and allow you to select a closed entity in the drawing and use it for the boundary of the selection set, with either the crossing or window option.


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